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Brand Name: JUSTAUTO
Type: Visible
Origin: Mainland China
Certification: None
Model Name: Blind Spot Detection System
Talk Range: 0.3m-10m

Universal 24Ghz Millimeter Wave Radar BSD Blind Spot Detection System Horizontal 32.80ft Vertical 13.20ft Change Lane Safer
Product introduction:
This system product can warn the dangerous targets in the adjacent lanes. The unique ability of 24Ghz millimeter radar to penetrate smoke, fog and dust can realize all-weather and all-time application, detect the objects in the signal area in real time, and calculate the speed, angle and relative displacement of objects at the same time. It can detect the target within 10M(32.80ft) at the farthest, and finally output the alarm signal, which includes the first-level alarm and the second-level alarm.

Product functions explanation:
1.After the ACC is powered on, the system can immediately enter the working state after the environmental adaptation test. When the car is turned off, the radar stops working.
2.The system is in the first-level early warning state except when the turn signal lamp is turned on, double flashing warning lamp and R reverse gear is engaged.
3.When the turn signal is turned on, double flashing warning lights and R reverse gear is engaged, the system is in the second-level early warning state.
Level 1 alarm: the reminder light is always on.
Level 2 alarm: the warning light flashes+the buzzer sounds.
The alarm range is centered on the rear of the car. The lateral distance is X and the longitudinal distance is Y. The left lateral distance of the center is negative, and the right lateral distance of the center is positive.

The system is a vehicle auxiliary device that can help the driver to safely change lanes while driving.
During driving, when the side and rear vehicles are in danger of colliding with my car, the warning light will light up to remind the driver. If the left/right turn signal is turned on, it will be accompanied by an audible warning.
The blind spot detection starts when the car starts. When you open the door, if there are pedestrians, cars and motorcycles on the side, it will be detected and accurately alarmed.
The blind spot detection system can distinguish between stationary objects and moving objects. Stationary objects do not alarm. Pedestrians and vehicles in a driving state will sound an alarm when they are detected.
When waiting for traffic lights: After parking, the car behind is still, and the blind spot detection system does not alarm.
Normal driving: When the car behind is slower than us, there is no danger of collision and there is no warning. Similarly, when we overtake, the speed is faster than the car behind and there is no warning.

Applicable conditions: Universal (There must be no metal objects in front of the 2 radar signals to block the radar)
Operating frequency band: 24Ghz
Electricity voltage: 12V
Maximum power: 5W (Max)
Working temperature: -40℃ ~ +85℃/-40℉-185℉
Storage temperature: -40℃ ~ +85℃/-40℉-185℉
Waterproof level: IP67K
Detection range: Lateral distance : 0.3m-4m/0.98ft-13.12ft.
Rear side distance: 0.3m-10m/0.98ft-32.80ft
Detection range accuracy: ≥96%
Alarm range: 0.3m-10m/0.98ft-32.80ft
System alarm accuracy: ≥96%
Alarm method: method 1 => LED light turn on.
Method 2 => LED flash and buzzer sound.

Packing List:
Angle ruler*1
45ml silica gel*1 (for installing radar)
Cable ties* a few
User manual*1
Warning light*2 (lengths are 270mm/10.62in respectively)
Power cord*1
Warning light extension cable*2 (the length is 4m/157.48in respectively)
Radar extension cable*1 (length 5m/196.85in)
Package box*1

It is recommended that the installation be carried out by professionals.
The installation angle of radar will affect the detection distance and effect. Please install it strictly according to the instructions.

Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. The measurement allowed error is +/- 10-30mm.




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Blind Spot Detection System
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